make money 

by mining crypto-coins

from your phone”


๐Ÿ”˜ Pi is the First Digital Currency you can mine on your smart phones.
๐Ÿ”˜ Pi-Network is the App that use to mine $Pi, the energy-light mobile App.
๐Ÿ’ฐ Pi Network App makes crypto mining easy: Breakthrough tech allows you to mine $Pi without draining your battery, Pi Network App for everyone who has smartphones.

1. What is Pi? What is Pi Network?

Pi, aka Pi Network, is a new cryptocurrency, a form of digital money that is maintained and secured by a community, instead of by governments or banks. The official Pi social media accounts include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

Mining cryptocurrency used to be the privilege of those who have access to a lot of hardware and technical know-how, but a group of Stanford University researchers, led by Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis, has changed that by putting the cryptocurrency in the hands of everyday people. With the Pi Network app, you can mine cryptocurrency directly on your phone!

2. How can I mine Pi? How do I earn more Pi?How many Pis can I mine?

You simply press the MINE button inside the Pi Network app. At the end of each 24-hour mining session, you need to reopen the app to activate the next session. Currently, each new account gets 1 ฯ€ free. Then, you can mine 0.1 ฯ€ / hour in the first 3 sessions (called the pioneer rate).  

Get Started Today And Get Earning !!!

Click Here: https://minepi.com/dannyboylimerick and use my username (dannyboylimerick) as your invitation code
(you will not be accepted into the PI Network without)

Step 1: Download, Install PI App on your smart phone

โ€“ Download PI App from CH Play for Android App or IOS App

Step 2: Create your Pi App Account and start to mine Pi

โ€“ After Download and Install PI App successfully, then open Pi App to create your account by touching โ€˜Continue with phone numberโ€™ (highly recommended).
You can also touch โ€œ
Continue with Facebookโ€ create your account.
โ€“ Select 
Your country and enter Your phone number then touch โ€˜Goโ€™.
โ€“ Create your 
password, Verify your password and touch โ€˜Submitโ€™.
โ€“ Enter Your 
First nameLast name and username then touch โ€˜Submitโ€™.
โ€“ Entering into โ€˜Invitation codeโ€™ as: 

Touch the Thunder light sign start to mine $Pi. Pi Network App will stop mining after every 24 hours so that you are advised to Reopen your Pi App and touch the Thunder light sign restart to mine $Pi everyday.

Watch the Video in the link below to see more


. To claim your Pi, follow this link
https://minepi.com/dannyboylimerick and use my username (dannyboylimerick) as your invitation code, you will not be accepted into the PI Network without !

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