Lockstep Plan Rockefella



Covid­19 is a false pandemic created for political purposes. This is a worlddictatorship with a sanitary excuse. We urge doctors, the media and politicalauthorities to stop this criminal operation, by spreading the truth.

Download The Lockstep Plan (Ebook/PDF) free here: https://t.me/tearingcovid19apart/260

Existence on earth has always been a nightmare for human beings since time immemorial, millenia ago, under occupation of anti human evil forces. Human beings have always been fighting for survival and existence against the anti human forces.

All wars were intentionally planned against humanity under pretexts. After so called WW II, the UN was created in 1945 to work against humanity. Agenda 21 was created, to be fulfilled over time and completed by the year 2030. The aim was to control, enslave, impoverish, and entually wipe out humanity from earth. There have been many agents to fulfill these tasks. Kissinger, Rockefellers, Soros, Rothschilds, Bill Gates, etc.

There has never been any moment of normal life on eath before “covid”. Abnormal existence did not start with “covid”. The nightmare just moved into a different phase.

There will never be any going back to pre-covid way of existence.

War has been declared on humanity on earth.

The weapon is silent. The agents of anti human war are too many, far and wide. Human’s ignorace is equally a tool against humanity. The world’s population is being reduced by billions.

The current chief front in war against humanity is Bill Gates. This entity was used by evil forces.

In Feb 2010, Bill Gates told the world via Ted Talk that there are too many human beings on earth and it needs to be reduced, ie, people need to be killed, and that one way of killing people is by using a vaccination. Bill Gates developed the killer vaccinations.

To rub it in, Bill Gate’s war partner, Antony Faucci, in January 2017, made the world believe that “there will be a surprise outbreak” of a viral pandemic in future, ie, 2020. Bill Gates et al played out a “scenario” in October 2019, called Event 201, following the Rockefeller’s Operation Lockstep planned in May 2010.

And, through WHO & Governments world wide, Bill Gates has been getting people killed, murdered while people are hypnotised by the hoax of a “virus”.

There is no life but mere existence. You cannot fight as a group. You were not born as a group. You were born by yourself. You fight by yourself. The aim of anti human forces is to wipe all human beings out of the planet.

AI is rapidly replacing humans. According to their plan, the complete end of humans as known today is the year 2030.

Between now and the year 2030, ie, nearly 8 years, the rate of decline in human intelligence will increase and disappearance in the numbers of people will be accelarated in a zombie state and induced comma.

Many lines of attack are used. These include GMO FOOD, FLUORIDATED WATER, CHEMTRAIL, NANOTECH everywhere including clothing, footware, air etc; AI, 5G, 6G, 7G…10G-based Techs including artificial satellites, increasing electrification & chemicalisation of the planet.

According to their plans, humans are doomed.

This is a tip of the iceberg.

Many people do not know the operations of the most nefarious evil forces behind all these. They ignorantly trust governments.

Operation Lockstep The Sinister Agenda Behind The Covid 19 Plandemic

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