Professor Dolores Cahill Friend, Foe, Ally, Adversary … or Something Else Entirely?

Fiona Rose Diamond Of Covileaks Speaks Out Against Dolores Cahill

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After a 30 day ban, there are things I would like to address; unfounded accusations against me, bullying and the fact that I will not subscribe to unity at all costs, if it means compromising my morals. I stand for Truth and I am not afraid of breaking because I will always put myself back together.
Please bear with me, I will answer questions when I have said what I need to say ❤️

~ Fiona Rose Diamond

Gemma O Doherty Speaks Out Against Dolores Cahill And The Freedom Alliance

Gemma O Doherty Speaks Out Against The World Alliances


Here it is guys……That Sacred Place Where You Get All Your “Satanic Enlightened Information” From ‘The Academy Of Divine Knowledge’ (and guess how much it is to Join “33” freaking dollars. “Thirty Three”.) 👿

“3” “3” ! ! !

Thank You Illuminati For Being The Thick PHUKs That You Are, Symbolism will be your downfall ! ! ! !

Remember EVERY UNDEMOCRATIC LEADER on the planet are Freemasons.


They are ALL in on it. The “Deep State” is all Rotschilds groomed and planted leaders in every country, the freemasons are their henchmen.

The Freedom Alliance IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

Sasha Stone Is A Shill (British Intelligence/United Nations Connected)
Sherri Tenpenny Is A Shill (United Nations)
Del Bigtree Is A Shill ( United Nations)

World Freedom Alliance pushing The Shedding Agenda (Hoax) Again

A Quick WHOIS analysis of the registrar of the website WWW.NEWSCIENTIST.COM will reveal that the owners of the SO CALLED SCIENCE WEBSITE is none other than the SATANIC GOOGLE LLC themselves.

The World Freedom Alliance Are a product of the Luciferic “Lucis Trust”.

Lucis Trust (Lucifer Trust)

The Lucis Trust is the Publishing House which prints and disseminates United Nations material. It is a devastating indictment of the New Age and Pagan nature of the UN.

2 thoughts on “Professor Dolores Cahill Friend, Foe, Ally, Adversary … or Something Else Entirely?”

  1. For brief overview on the real toxin just replace sarcsov2 with graphene oxide and it all makes sense –

    And apologies for the typo in last post please visit com for Spanish researchers from La Quinta Columna for translated articles into English.

    Ricardo Delgado and Dr. Jose Luis Sevillano are the true heroes in this information war and I have much respect for them!!!!

    Danny you are on of the few truth seekers online that can connect so many dots – final dot is the graphene oxide connection. If we spread the truth we can all as a human race unite against the s ales head and take back our power!!!! Much respect to the very few truth seekers out there – not controlled, funded and owned by globalist groups. Most protests or so called freedom rallies are created and lead controlled opposition and most that belong are following blindly not knowing they are been used as they naively believe they are local, grassroots movements. And then some members become enraged that anyone dares expose evidence their leaders are corrupt as they have invested so much energy into their so called experts and leaders. Government means mind control and no sovereign human needs to be governed!!! Thanks for all your hard work Danny in exposing these cult schills that give a bit of truth or half truths but always BIG LIES!!! It takes a lot of research and sharp mind with great intuition and discernment to figure out all these deceivers!!! Well done and also great gratitude to the few Irish truth seekers like Gemma O’Doherty and John Waters who won’t compromise their moral integrity – they know we don’t need that type of Unity. The truth is ABSOLUTE and not relative has New Age has brainwashed all to believe and many so called truthers also go along with Satanic agenda to get along. You can’t give Cabal who are malignant narcissists an inch – as people gave up one freedom that means they take a mile until they own you thru Big Pharma and you are patented thru the Covid injection – and become part of 5G hive mind as more nanoworms with each injection so you will become more machine than human – Cabals agenda is total CONTROL thru transhumanism!!!! Let’s be brave and protect our humanity and not sell our souls. Be careful who you follow and discern ALWAYS and don’t be swept away by their appeal to your emotions – they select all leaders and controlled opposition spokespeople carefully. Start to question everything and regain your critical thinking skills by disconnecting from their speeches (lies) and do your own research!!!! With loads of love and respect to all that have courage to start reprogramming their minds, Sophie


  2. Cheers to you Sophie. LaQuinta Columna is as good as it gets! Everything you say is absolute truth! And Im going to follow you Danny Boy Limerick. Thank you for setting such a great example for humanity.
    Much love in California. Peggy


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