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Angela Merkel Is The Daughter of Hitler And Hitler Was a Rothschild

Klara Hitler

Klara Hitler  12 August 1860 – 21 December 1907 was the mother of German politician and leader of the Nazi Party, Adolf Hitler

Date: March 26, 2017 Author: 50 Shades Of Pissed Off

What Happened To Hitler’s Frozen Sperm?

According to the Stasi GDR File, the daughter of Hitler is now holding the same office as her father – Chancellor of Germany.

She is said to be one of the most powerful human beings on Earth since she is also the President of the European Union (EU) and head of the powerful Western Economic Block known as the G-8. More concerning is that Hitler’s dream of uniting Europe under German/Vatican control is now within his daughter’s reach.

In 1954, a child was born, a baby girl, whom the Stasi File identifies as Angela Merkel, today’s Chancellor of Germany. Her official birthday is July 17, 1954. However, the Stasi file which is currently in the Soviet KGB archives, records her birth as April 20, 1954. If this secret police citizen’s file in the Ministerium für Staatssicherheit (GDR) is correct, then Hitler’s daughter, Angela Merkel, was born on Adolph Hitler’s birthday – April 20.

Angela Merkel’s birth, as detailed in the Stasi file, was based on the research of the German Doctor Karl Klauberg. Klauberg was classified as one of the worst Nazi ‘ Angel of Death ’ doctors and was convicted by the Soviet Courts as a ‘war criminal’. According to the reports, Doctor Klauberg was released by the Soviets after serving only seven years of his sentence in return for turning over to the KGB his hidden files on his Nazi artificial insemination experiments and, more horrifically, the frozen sperm of the former Nazi Dictator, Adolf Hitler.

Hitler’s father, who took the name Hitler, was the illegitimate son of Solomon Rothschild’s mistress Anna Maria Schicklgruber. Upon receipt of the Nazi files on artificial insemination, along with Hitler’s frozen sperm, the Soviet Politicheskoye Buro (Politburo) authorized the experiments to ‘resurrect’, ‘if possible’, a child bearing the ‘genetic markers’ of Adolph Hitler. It was ‘reasoned’ that the combining of the genes between Hitler’s sperm and Eva Braun’s closest family would produce for the Soviets a ‘near match’ of what a child of Hitler and Eva Braun would have been, should one have been born.

Doctor Klauberg brought Gretl Braun to the GDR (Communist East Germany). She was the youngest sister of Hitler’s wife, Eva Braun. Gretl Braun was chosen as the ‘surrogate’ mother of Hitler’s offspring using artificial insemination from Hitler’s frozen sperm. Gretl Braun was a member of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), whose ideology centered on the principles of Marxism and the interests of the working class and trade unions.

When Doctor Klauberg returned to West Germany, he was promptly imprisoned. He was murdered two years later while still in custody.


Soon after the birth of Hitler’s baby girl, an agreement between the Soviets, the Americans and the Vatican was arranged. Hitler’s baby was placed under the ‘control’ of the Catholic Church through its ‘connections’ with the GDR Lutheran Church which took custody of the baby.

She was given a false date of birth, July 17, and the name Angela Dorothea Kasner, daughter of Horst Kasner, a Lutheran pastor, and his wife, Herlind – an English and Latin teacher. There in the countryside at Templin in East Germany, Merkel was raised about 50 miles north of Berlin, the capital of the socialist German Democratic Republic (GDR).

The central theme of the “agreement” of the Western Allied Powers, the Vatican, and the Soviets was that Hitler’s daughter would be elevated to international power…but her ascendancy to power would not come until “the Vatican also brought to power a German Pope”.

In the wake of the death of Pope John Paul II, the former German Nazi Joseph Ratzinger was nominated. He took the name of Pope Benedict XVI on April 20, 2005, as Vicar of Rome. Is it a coincidence that this date was the anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s birthday?

In the wake of the death of Pope John Paul II, the former German Nazi Joseph Ratzinger was nominated. He took the name of Pope Benedict XVI on April 20, 2005, as Vicar of Rome. Is it a coincidence that this date was the anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s birthday?

In 1977, Angela Dorothea Kasner became Angela Merkel with her marriage to physicist Ulrich Merkel, but the marriag ended in divorce in 1982.

She was elected Chancellor of Germany shortly after Pope Ratzinger assumed the Leadership of the Roman Church on Hitler’s birthday.


Merkel didn’t enter politics until the age of 35 after the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1990. She has been reluctant to discuss her past and private life. Her biography stops short of suggesting that her father worked for the Stasi, the notorious East German secret police. But it says his pro-regime attitude helped Angela’s career – allowing her to study at an elite school, and go on to university, at a time when the children of clergy were routinely refused admission.

(Here’s a picture of Merkel in 1986 on an outing to the Baltic Island of Rugen by members of the DDR version of the Hitler Youth, the FDJ or DDR Jugenverbandes. Sitting near him is little Geli Merkel. Very few people doubt that the man who raised Merkel and is known to the world as her father – was a Stasi spy and part-time organizer. The German chancellor herself was an active Gruppenfuherin in the FDJ.)

The teenage Merkel, like virtually all of her contemporaries, joined the Freie Deutsche Jugend (FDJ), the communist youth organisation.

They say birds of a feather flock together, but here’s Merkel with a group of skinheads dating from 1992 or 1993.

(One of the people in the photos performs a Nazi salute in the presence of a younger Merkel. At the time, no one thought anything of it but the photos were given a new significance years later.)

If the Soviet record is true, and the evidence is strong, it opens up some amazing possibilities. The undeniable fact is that Angela Merkel came from obscurity to triumviral power as German Chancellor, President of the European Union, and head of the powerful G-8 economic cartel.

In an interview with the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in July 2005, Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted to an unusual obsession with the works of composer Richard Wagner, who was a Satanist. Wagner wrote the infamous composition called “Parsifal”, which was a favorite of Adolf Hitler as well.

Hitler stated that the music of Wagner occupied his mind. Like Adolf Hitler, Angela Merkel is deeply fascinated with Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries”. The Valkyries were minor female deities that would ride through every battle to gather the most valiant of the slain and carry them off to a place called Valhalla where they would wait to join the army of Odin in the last battle at the end of the world.

Except for the little moustache, Merkel has a striking resemblance to Adolph Hitler.

She is also a dead ringer for her mother – Gretl Braun.

Excerpt from “Was Hitler a Rothschild?”

“Adolf’s father, Alois Hitler, was the illegitimate son of Maria Anna Schicklgruber.

It was generally supposed that the father of Alois Hitler (Schicklgruber) was Johann Georg Hiedler. There are some people who seriously doubt that Johann Georg Hiedler was the father of Alois… (an Austrian document was) prepared that proved Maria Anna Schicklgruber was living in Vienna at the time she conceived.

At that time she was employed as a servant in the home of Baron Rothschild. As soon as the family discovered her pregnancy she was sent back home… where Alois was born.”

Langer’s information came from the high level Gestapo officer, Hansjurgen Koehler, published in 1940, under the title Inside the Gestapo. He writes about the investigations into Hitler’s background carried out by the Austrian Chancellor, Dolfuss, in the family files of Hitler. Koehler actually viewed a copy of the Dolfuss documents which were given to him by Heydrich, the overlord of the Nazi Secret Service. The file, he wrote, “caused such havoc as no file in the world ever caused before” (Inside the Gestapo, p 143).

He also revealed that:

“..The second bundle in the blue file contained the documents collected by Dolfuss. The small statured, but big-hearted Austrian Chancellor must have known by such a personal file he might be able to check Hitler…His task was not difficult; as ruler of Austria he could easily find out about the personal data and family of Adolf Hitler, who had been born on Austrian soil…

Through the original birth certificates, police registration cards, protocols, etc., all contained in the original file, the Austrian Chancellor succeeded in piecing together the disjointed parts of the puzzle, creating a more or less logical entity.

A little servant girl… (Hitler’s grandmother)… came to Vienna and became a domestic servant, mostly working for rather rich families. But she was unlucky; having been seduced, she was about to bear a child. She went home to her village for her confinement…

Where was the little maid serving in Vienna? This was not a very difficult problem. Very early Vienna had instituted the system of compulsory police registration. Both servants and the employers were exposed to heavy fines if they neglected this duty. Chancellor Dolfuss managed to discover the registration card.

The little, innocent maid had been a servant at the…Rothschild mansion. ..and Hitler’s unknown grandfather must be probably looked for in this magnificent house. The Dolfuss file stopped at this statement.”

Was Hitler’s determination to take over Austria anything to do with his desire to destroy records of his lineage?

A correspondent who has extensively researched this subject writes:

“It appears to me that Hitler knew about his connection long before his Chancellorship. Like his father before him, when the going got rough, the Hitlers went to Vienna.

Hitler’s father left his home village at an early age to seek his fortune in Vienna. When Hitler was orphaned, after his mother died in December of 1907, he left for Vienna not long after the funeral.

There he seemed to drop out of sight for ten months! What happened during this ten-month stay in Vienna is a complete mystery on which history sheds no light.

It makes sense, now that it has become established that Hitler was a Rothschild, that he and his cousins were getting acquainted, and his potential for future family endeavors was being sized up”.

The Rothschilds and the Illuminati produce many offspring out of wedlock in their secret breeding programs and these children are brought up under other names with other parents. Like Bill Clinton, who is almost certainly a Rockefeller produced in the same way, these “ordinary kids from ordinary backgrounds” go on to be extraordinarily successful in their chosen field.

Hitler, too, would have produced unofficial children to maintain his strand of the bloodline and there will obviously be people of his bloodline alive today. (My note : Angela Merkel)

So which Rothschild was the grandfather of Hitler? My thanks to a website correspondent for the additional, updated, information to this article, a man has researched this story in some detail.

Alois, Hitler’s father, was born in 1837 in the period when Salomon Mayer was the only Rothschild who lived at the Vienna mansion. Even his wife did not live there because their marriage was so bad that she stayed in Frankfurt.

Their son, Anselm Salomon spent most of his working life in Paris and Frankfurt away from Vienna and his father.

Father Salomon Mayer, living alone at the Vienna mansion where Hitler’s grandmother worked, is the prime, most obvious candidate. And Hermann von Goldschmidt, the son of Salomon Mayer’s senior clerk, wrote a book, published in 1917, which said of Salomon:

“…by the 1840s he had developed a somewhat reckless enthusiasm for young girls…”


“He had a lecherous passion for very young girls, his adventures with whom had to be hushed up by the police.”

And Hitler’s grandmother, a young girl working under the same roof would not have been the subject of Salomon’s desire? And this same girl became pregnant while working there?

And her grandson becomes the Chancellor of Germany, funded by the Rothschilds, and he started the Second World War which was so vital to the Rothschild-Illuminati agenda?

And the Illuminati are obsessed with putting their bloodlines into power on all “sides” in a conflict? And the Rothschilds are one of their most key bloodlines? And it is all a co-incidence?” -Excerpt

To read more click here

But Hitler died in 1945… Merkle was born in 1954?

The Manufacturing of Fear The Plandemic for Global Enslavement

(How The Rothschilds Funded Both Sides Of The War. Formed And Funded The Nazis, Stalin And The United Nations Who Are Now Hellbent On Destroying The Entire World As We Know It And Replacing It With A PRISON PLANET.

Eustace Mullins with Daryl Bradford Smith, January 25th, 2006.

Exactly. Germany invaded Russia because Stalin’s plan was to first invade Germany then the rest of Europe. The Zionist Bankers banked and played both sides. Nice to hear someone who understands what really happened. They Always play both sides. Spawn of Satan.

“So it was the Zionazis who orchestrated the Holocaust and Hitler was a nationalist who got played. Hitler hated the Jews, but who he really hated were the very ones who financed him! Wow.”

“Adolf Hitler was a Sabbatean-Frankist crypto-jew, a tool of his Rothschild masters, through his mother Klara Pölzl. The Sabbatean-Frankists hate the other jews even more than they hate non-jews, especially since their ancestor Shabbetai Tzvi, the satanic Jewish Messiah of 1666 (ancestor of the Rothschilds), and Shabbetai’s so-called reincarnation Jacob Frank, had been excommunicated by the orthodox Jews.”

” What you really NEVER hear about Hitler, certainly not in Israel, is what Rabbi Marvin Antelman (Chief Justice of the Supreme Rabbinic Court of America from 1974 to 2004) found out during one of his cases, that Adolf Hitler’s mother Klara Pölzl was from a Sabbatean-Frankist Crypto-Jewish family, and that Adolf was conceived during the celebration of the 262nd birthday of Sabbatai Zevi, the Jewish Messiah with more than one million Jewish followers in 1666, until the Sultan forced Sabbatai to convert to Islam. Sabbatai was Rothschild’s ancestor, and in honor to him the Rothschilds created Reform Judaism, Zionism, Communism, Nazism and Fascism, and completely financed Hitler through their Warburgs, Skull & Bones, IG Farben, Rockefellers, Bank of England, etc.”

“Research Hjalmar Schacht, Hitler’s “financial wizard”, a J.P. Morgan banker who co-founded the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, the central bank of Rothschild’s central bank system. Schacht’s best friend was Lord Montagu Norman, Governor of The Bank of England from 1920 to 1944.
And research W. Averell Harriman and Prescott Bush, both Skull & Bones, who funded Hitler through Rothscild’s & Rockefeller’s IG Farben.
Hjalmar Schacht was found “not guilty” during the Nuremberg Trials. According to the list of the SIDE, Argentinian Secret Service, Schacht was the first who was allowed to visit Adolf Hitler in Argentina in 1948.”

Everybody’s after money and power. – Eustace Mullins


Jetzinger, Franz Dr. Hitler’s Youth, Hutchinson & Co., London, 1958. Dr. Jetzinger was born and spent most of his life in Braunau on the Inn: Hitler’s birthplace.Like Nerin E. Gun, Prof. Jetzinger was arrested by the Gestapo, who were frantically searching for Hitler’s missing draft records.

Lundberg, Ferdinand. America’s 60 Richest Families, The Vanguard Press, New York, 1937.

Langer, Walter, C. The Mind of Adolf Hitler, New American Library, New York, 1972.Paris, Edmond. Secret History of the Jesuits, Chick Pub., 1987Springmeier, Fritz. Bloodlines of the Illuminati, Ambassador House, Austin, Texas, 2002


Medical Terrorism

“They” want you to think that your body is a “stupid” sack of skin that can’t defend itself.

They are all about MEDICAL TERRORISM they are all about trying to get you to think that your body is “stupid” and can’t defend itself want you to believe that your body is always attacking itself to make you rely on prescription medication.

The medical industry are a ruthless drugs cartel.

IMPORTANT INFO 🚨 FDA, India, Military, V Passports & More

IMPORTANT INFO 🚨 FDA, India, Military, V Passports & More



Gemma O Dohertys freedom movement saors accross Europe

Award Winning Journalist Gemma O Doherty Deals Another Blow To The State As Freedom Movement Begins To Soar Across Europe ☘️🇮🇪💚

THE World Economic Forum have just hinted at a “cyber PANDEMIC”


Where have we heard this before? 🤔 Does this sound “strangely” familiar with Bill Gates “Intuitive Predictions” of a future COVID-19 PANDEMIC???

The World Economic Forum recently did a livestream with Interpol, Cloudflare, and a cyber security company to discuss the upcoming cyber pandemic agenda.The Cloudflare COO hints to digital identity / citizenship for internet users. They want to connect everything you do on the internet to a digital ID.The Cyber Polygon event will happen July 9th. It seems they will later launch a massive false flag cyber attack to try and bring forth more tyranny and digital citizenship.They will tell the public everyone needs a digital identity to keep the internet safe. They will say it is to prevent terrorism. They will try to use fear as a way to gain more control.

Operation Mockingbird (The Disinformation Program)

Ever notice most of the news channels are saying the same thing at the exact same time?

Operation Mockingbird was created by the CIA, to weaponize news outlets against the general public. You are being programmed.

The timeline

When the Cold War was getting started in the late 1940’s, the CIA implemented a program called Operation Mockingbird. The objective was to purchase control and influence many major media outlets.  The CIA also planned to have many reporters and journalists on the CIA payroll – a practice many people believe is continuing to this day.

One of the main objectives was to use these journalists as spies and to spread propaganda.  The list of news organizations came to include reporters from ABC, NBC, CBS, Time, Newsweek, Associated Press, United Press International, Reuters, Hearst Newspapers, Scripps-Howard, and Copley News Service.

The CIA was so effective in its efforts, that by the 1950’s they’d managed to infiltrate American businesses, media, and universities with tens of thousands operatives that were on-call and ready to act at a moment’s notice.

It’s also been discovered that the CIA funded more than one movie including the animated “Animal Farm” by George Orwell.  The Church Committee, (more on them later) finally exposed the CIA’s operation in 1975 and Operation Mockingbird ceased to exist – at the least that’s what they want us to believe.


The United States Senate Select Committee to Study Government Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, aka The Church Committee, is a U.S. Senate Committee that in 1975 was chaired by Senator Frank Church.  The Church Committee was a precursor to the now U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. 

The Church Committee’s job was to investigate whether the intelligence gathering methods employed by the CIA and FBI were legal in light of revelations brought up during the Watergate scandal.

The Church Committee not only discovered Operation Mockingbird as discussed previously, but that the CIA had violated its own charter on several occasions.  The CIA’s charter stated that they were only allowed to gather intelligence.

The Church Committee uncovered the assassinations of Allende in Chile, Mossadegh in Iran, and other assassinations on leaders in Central and South America, Africa, the Middle East, and East Asia – the list of assassinations was staggering.

Also declassified was information regarding a “Heart Attack Gun” that the CIA made in order to have the ability to kill someone without detection – ingenious really. Other methods of assassination included cancer, automobile accidents, skiing accidents, suicide, boating accidents and heart attacks, just to name a few.


Warning UK Intelligence/Military Are Now Joining Forces With The US Cyberwarfare Branches To Go After Us Esoterics

⚠️Warning US – UK Intel Agencies Declare Cyber War on Independent Media ⚠️

UK Intelligence/Military Are Now Joining Forces With The US Cyberwarfare Branches To Go After Us Patriots, Truthers, Activists, Pro- Life, Esoterics And The Likes

If facebook groups or “Echo Chambers” as they are known as are ineffective as those who say they are, someone please explain to me why droves of pharma shill, agent provocateur, infiltrater, badger, paid trolls, Intel agents, politicians sons and daughters (silver spoon babies) Antifa, BLM, government minions, law enforcement just to mention a few have been ruthlessly and relentlessly targeting groups in gangs (known as ‘gang stalking’) trying to infiltrate them, to gut them from the inside out, instead of attacking individuals/users profiles????

The fact of the matter is ECHO CHAMBERS ARE POWERFUL TOOLS!

So powerful in fact that GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters Intelligence group JTRIG (Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group) are now collabaing with US Intelligence state agencies to attack patriots, activists, truthers, Pro- Life, esoterics, independent media outlets and the likes to prevent us from speaking the the truth.

Bigger and better groups are needed and lots of private ones too.


The UK and USA have now announced that they are coming after us. Be vigilant, be aware and be prepped for all out cyberwarfare. From this moment on.

For anyone interested in knowing what they are capable of, check out my blog here: 👇

Yes, There Are Covert Government Troll Training PSYOP Programs. Enter : JTRIG (The Badgers, ‘Honey Traps’, Infiltraters)

US – UK Intel Agencies Declare Cyber War on Independent Media

British and American state intelligence agencies are “weaponizing truth” to quash vaccine hesitancy as both nations prepare for mass inoculations, in a recently announced “cyber war” to be commanded by AI-powered arbiters of truth against information sources that challenge official narratives.

UK in cyberwarfare against Vaccine propaganda.

Remember “they” can’t touch blockchain technology or heavily encrypted messengers. (for now)

German Intelligence Puts Coronavirus Deniers Under Surveillance The country’s domestic intelligence agency says it will create a new department to deal with extremism among conspiracy theorists

I would strongly recommend using the following software if you find yourself up against them, I and a few others have had many encounters with them down through the years and I find these tools to be quiet effective against them.

– Sock Accounts aka Alternative Accounts
(Make as many Facebook accounts as you can using as many browsers as you can Firefox, Duckduckgo, Yandex, Tor Browser, Opera, Brave)

– Change your devices and Internet connections frequently for each account, this will in turn throw the bots off, the bots are looking for your location, IP address and Mac Address (Device ID)

Use VPNs where feasible, DO NOT USE VPNs for Facebook when setting up a new account.

Use a new device and a new browser.

– Use disposable email addresses for maximum anonymity. email addresss&ia=web


Instead “warm” your account (This part is important!)


REMEMBER IT IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA TO HAVE A VPN (preferably one outside of “The five eyes”) when clicking on links of any kind these days. Anyone of those links could potentially be “bait” for an IP logger or worse!

Want multiple Facebook accounts on the same device?

Dual space ( This app allows for you to install Facebook on your device twice (clone) it uses the same Virtual Machine code that allows you to emulate Apps or entire operating systems, in addition to FB many other apps can now be installed twice on your device.

Alternative Social Media Account (Page, Channel Group, Encrypted Messenger, Blogger) I use to store material then share it to Facebook, Twitter or other platforms.

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Minds Referral runs on the blockchain much the same as Bitcoin, Bitchute, Steemit, Pocket.

The government cant touch you there.

Telegram (Encrypted chats
, when in ‘secret chat’ mode, groups and channels also available)

Wickr ( Heavily Encrypted Messenger)

Blasze ( A Great IP logger, simply lure a user to click on the link and you have their IP adresse)

– Steemit (Great Blogger that runs on the block chain)

– (You Can download the duckduckgo browser also from the Playstore but I would always recommend using F-Driod an alternative to fascist Googles Playstore)

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser (Privacy, simplified) –

F-Driod – alternative to Playstore, Google are known to tamper with apps by injecting them with malicious code spyware/malware under the guise of NSFW ‘Not Safe For Work’ wall.



Mewe (Alternative To Facebook, cross platform sharing not possible, diversion in my opinion to compartmentalise us)

– Clipboard technology ( Use a good clipboard app that will allow you to save hundreds of articles/content to a clipboard for easy copy and paste functionality, this is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE in the activism game.

– Use a good note pad such ColorNote which can be downloaded from the Playstore. Great for writing posts and then copy and pasting.

– Good cross platform capability share feature  app to quickly share post from platform to platform.

– Good cloud service to store your content (Don’t forget to make multiple copies of your entire hardrive and keep them ‘offline, disconnected so that an intruder can’t access them remotely online. I find Pcloud great.

– Word Press (Great for websites and content management system)

– Linktree (A one stop shop for all of your links)
Be carful though it’s also owned by Facebook. Had mine deleted yesterday for “misuse of the service” meh 🙄 Need to make my own landing page now using WordPress instead.

– JustPasteIt (Great For Bypassing Censorship) simply pop your link here

Save it and share the new link instead 😉
– URL Shortners ( Great For Bypassing Censorship)

– URL maskers ( Great For Bypassing Censorchip)

– Universal Copy (This handy little APP allows you to copy and paste in places you normally can’t by using OCR ‘Optical Character Recognition’ technology.

– Text Fairy (This sophisticated OCR ‘Optical Character Recognition’ app technology scans images for text, extracts the text into plain text for copy and pasting) (Allows for us to screenshot and duplicate an entire website so if the government were to delete a website to cover up another conspiracy, we still have the original

– Bitchute (Alternative to You Tube, great for uncensored video content and anti fasicts)

– Video downloaders, You Tube downloaders, Twitter downloaders, (Great for downloading video content straight from posts so as to Re-upload and mirror ones that are being censored

– Meme Generator (For making your favourite memes)

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-Video suite ( for editing and making short videos)

– Ingred (Great for checking the Dangers of any product that you purchase)

Ingred allows for a user to to scan the ingredient label on a product, using OCR and returns results on each ingredient alerting the consumer of the Dangers of each product

– VPN (Great for anonymity and IP masking)

– Tor Browser ( Great for cloaking location)

– Use Encrypted Email Services suck as and

A day in the life of an real Anon 😎

I’ll finish this is blog format and repost again soon with new content. There is more for the savvy user including the infamous Low Orbit Ion Cannon, Kali, and cool software that allows you to identify an individual with just an email or username. I’ll write it up and post soon.



Strawman – The Nature of the Cage is a cutting edge documentary like no other. It highlights the truth around debt, the Legal Fiction, Lawful and Legal, Debt Collectors, Bailiffs, and modern day Policing.

The film gives a detailed overview as to how you can address these issues in your personal life, offering knowledge on how to Lawfully deal with any kind of authority, if you haven’t broken any Laws.Drawing on the expertise of Trailblazers whom have risked everything to deliver this usually unavailable information, Strawman will outline information that you would otherwise be completely unaware of John K Webster, who has spent 18 months researching and making this film, has one goal… having noticed the increase of suicides in the UK that relate directly to monetary worries, he says

“If this film saves one life, my work is done.”

This film applies to everyone, regardless of your personal situation. It is important to know how the system works and more importantly, how it is working you.It is said, that you must first know that you are in a cage, before you can escape from that cage.


Original Source

Evergreen Container

𝗔𝗯𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝗧𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗩𝗶𝗱𝗲𝗼This video is mirrored from the Youtube channel, Mavi Gazetem.The Secret Contents of Ever Given – Evergreen Container Ship – Kaan Sariaydin – Mavi Gazetem– 13.04.2021 – The Second Act of the Evengreen Theatre :

Evergreen Seizure

– 10.04.2021 – The Truth About Suez Canal :

The True story from a different perspective!Globalists First Card Techno Weapon Corona Covid-19Why corona cases are going up? we will expose this furtherSuez Nationalist Powers i.e. Mossad carried out an Operation against Global PowersTurkey, Israel, Egypt, Qatar carried out an (Secret) operationThe Evergreen Ever Given crisis is an Secret Operation against GlobalistsCovid 19 and Suez Canal events are relatedContainer ship carried Very Important Contents30 year plan 30 years’ worth of investmentsThis is Why Covid-19 Cases are on the Rise!Ever Given did not broke down due to a technical problemThe deeper secret behind this?What should our interpretation of this Event be?This was a good Slap on Globalists face, by the Nationalist Powers!World Trade (Monopolies) aka Global Powers lost $10 billion a day FIRST SLAPNo Media spoke about this apart from us ( Given Evergreen containers carried the Second Technological Weapon!The Climate Change Weapon, Evergreen containers carried the substances that accelerate the Climate ChangeMr Bill Gates have got his fingers in this pieBill Gates for years has been working on vaccines.Crazy about buying land, he has just bought 56,000 in TurkeyBill Gates bought over 1 million decares in ArizonaPlan was to move on to the 2nd Second Techno WeaponClimate Conference end of AprilPlanned and produced over the last 30 years.Huge events, Historical Events are taking place!Main mediaAll these events are Real, TrueWhy do you think that ship was parked there for so long?No coincidence in What happened in China and Suez CanalFollowing these events Chinese Foreign Minister Turned up in Turkey,Dollar (and FIAT Currencies) were on the riseChina visited Turkey 24-26 MarchChinese Foreign Minister was in TurkeyOn 27th of March The Evergreen container blocks the Road in ChinaThese are Messages, Messages communicated in Inter Nations Language.People should regularly try to avoid Conspiracy Theories and focus on figuring out the Real Events HappeningHow the Global Capitals 2nd Card Project, the Climate Change Projects That has been Propagated for Years (was badly upset)…The World, Humanity is fighting with the Covid-19 in the Preliminary RoundHuge Climate Change Opponent Impatiently waitingWhat you are dealing with here is Tiny compared to what is awaitingClassic Vegan “Project”, Faux (Fake) Meat ProjectBiochemical ContentIf you consume just 1 Type of Protein (in your food) the profiles of your Amino Acids become insufficient. No one (No Media) is talking (explaining) about this!Fake Meat Project Terrible things could be caused here, specialist have spoken about this.Specialist have actually explained this in very good way. People should research and listen carefullyMr Bill Gates plan was to own Food and Agriculture!Those Who Own the Food sources own the World, Ok?Containers in this ship carried special chemicals which use 5 G Transmitters’ radiation Beams that mix in with oxygen and in the process accelerate Climate Change. This situation was completely prevented; the material was seized and was destroyed!Covid 19 scam, the global capitalist powers’ plan was to put in motion the second scene of the movie and play the climate card.Upon hearing the bad news, all of a sudden European countries started reporting higher Covid 19 cases and imposed new lock downs.Ferda YildirimMr. Biden had previously declared Turkey as an enemyChina was planning to vote to exclude Turkey from all conferencesFollowing the Evergreen incident declared Turkey as an important country and gotRe invited to the climate conference was personally invited by Mr. BidenBill Gates’ Livestock gas and Artificial meat project cancelledMr Gates billions are gone!(Kaan Sariaydin)Following this Incident Turkey was invited to the Climate Conference; They (Global Capitalists) got the Message!Inter Nations Communication methods, and here is the proofEgypt, Qatar, Israel and Turkey all working togetherHighly Technological Matter.END beef farming