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Covid-19 ‘Notice Of Liability’ Forms

A Notice of Liability delivers a powerful message to those advertently or inadvertently causing harm or trespass, and that by doing so, will result in them being held individually liable. 

Silence is considered consent (Tacit Agreement), therefore you must notify those causing harm, and allowing them the opportunity to cure the situation. If they do not respond and continue to cause harm or trespass, you have remedy in the form of a Maritime Commercial Lien – also known as a Notice of Liability. 

The Witness Statement, in the form of an Affidavit is considered to be one of the most powerful documents in law because it is witnessed and autographed by living breathing men or women, who are the only authority on Earth. Corporations (Corpse), dead entities, legal FICTIONS which are nothing but pieces of paper with no lawful standing whatsoever.

Below you will find downloadable digital copies of a ‘Notice Of Liability’ forms, in 2 formats, Microsoft word .docx and PDF File.

Simply download your format of choice and once downloaded PRINT THEM OUT and have them filled in, signed and dated.

Microsoft Word Document

PDF File