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Facebook Just Deleted This!!!! Another Brave NHS Nurse Whistleblower Comes Forward And Reveals All!!

Once again Facebook “censorship” teams have quickly deleted more evidence of crimes against humanity by our governments “health departments” when another brave NHS nurse came forward speaking out about the empty hospitals, empty beds, empty ICU, fake scamdemic, fabricated “cases”, Covid death certificates and other lies, corruption, cover-ups, smokes and mirrors of the NHS and their handlers in government.

Here is a “re-upload” link of the original Video 😎


  • Update You Tube Just Deleted The Video From Their Platform, With Warnings !!!!

Here is a link to a you tube “re-upload” of the original Video and (I have another back up made on Rumble, link further down in this post )

Facebook Just Deleted This!!!! Another Brave NHS Nurse Whisteblower Comes Forward And Reveals All!!


You Tube URL –


(Please Download, Re-Upload, And Share World Wide)

You Tube Video Downloader


Here is a link a screenshot of the Kirstys original Facebook Post before fascist big tech has this heroic whisteblower Kirsty Millers soul destroying and heartfelt video taken down.

Original Post:

Kirstys Original Post Before It Magically Disappeared !!!

The post “magically” disappearing


Then Facebook Censorship Teams/Systems Mysteriously Made The Post Disappear !!!

Here is what they post said:

“My Last shift as a staff nurse in the NHS- complete!!

Speak your truth!

Stop allowing the human race to live THIS! 🙏

Strength in numbers 🙏

what an amazing team I’ve got behind me that feel the same and are ready to speak out.

Unprecedented times!

Enough is enough 🙏”

End Quote

Luckily some of us are a few steps ahead of big tech and other state minions and managed to grab the video and re-upload it so as to re-instate Kirstys rights to freedom of speech.

We will not be silenced!!!!! Period.

Remember Big tech can only slow us down. They can’t stop us.

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