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Barry Coopers Never Get Busted Again

Cannabis is the “Medical Terrorists” over at Big Pharmas worst nightmare, the rockefellas foundation and their minions thinks cannabis users are the very bane of society and cannabis growers the thorn in their sides.

They even have thier oligarchal governments train up their federal law enforcement agencies to detest the miracle drug and treat it as “The Devils Lettuce” and those that use it, the demons.

WHY? Because let’s call a spade a spade.

Cannabis is the miracle drug that cures just about every “disease” illness and ailment known to man.

Hero Barry Cooper

Barry Coopers Never Get Busted Again Volume 1

Barry Cooper is a hero because he is standing up and declaring the War on Drugs is not working! Tucker Carlson, MSNBC

… a completely excellent, informative, FASCINATING, sort of tragic and a very absorbing video. It bears watching over and over again. My highest recommendation possible for this outstanding DVD! Marc Emery, editor of Cannabis Culture magazine July 8, 2007

He was even better than he says he was. He had a knack for finding drugs and made more arrests and more seizures than all of the other agents combined. He was probably the best narcotics officer in the state and maybe the country during his time with the task force. Tom Finley, Commander Permian Basin Drug Task Force.

Watch Barry Cooper, a former police officer in Texas focusing on narcotics interdiction for eight years, teach you exactly what you need to know to stay out of jail. With over 800 felony and misdemeanor narcotics arrests, DEA Training, and extensive experience with K-9 drug dogs, Barry’s friendly, plain spoken and honest attitude makes it easy and entertaining for you to LEARN WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW. Much of this information has never been seen by the public before and this is the first time it has all been available from a single source.

  • Watch real footage of Barry making marijuana arrests
  • Learn secret drug enforcement tactics
  • Avoid narcotics profiling
  • Conceal your stash plus, do coffee grinds really work?
  • How to fool K9’s every time
  • Search and seizure law made easy
  • How Police can tell when you’re lying
  • 90 Plus Minutes of one-on-one training!

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