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Forbidden Colours (Yellow Vest Ireland Exposed)

⚠ Yellow Vest Ireland Exposed ⚠

Before even considering to donate another cent if your money or minuteif your time to “Yellow Vest Ireland” the fake grass roots movement. They dissappeared during the pandemic for a reason.

Watch this, It’s the best observation I have seen or heard to date, it’s Thomas Sheridan (exposed irish freemasonary on bitchute) covering

– Yellow Vest Ireland
– Sinn Fein
– Michael D Higgins
– Irish History
– Covid
– Medical Terrorism
– Medical Apartheid
– The Rainbow Culture

Yellow Vest Ireland Socialist Glenn Miller claiming that the real reason that YELLOW VEST IRELAND SHARES THE SAME ADDRESS AS SINN FEIN was an “COPY AND PASTE” error made by their “Web Developer” 🤷‍♂️ 🙄

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#OpWeCanSeeYou 👀

French military and civilian police decide to turn their backs on the banking cartel

In France, military police and civilian police decide not to favour the globalist system and stand by the population, they will not close businesses and collect goods from citizens.

hey decided not to tear up the constitutional rights of their own homeland.

Now the rest of the world need to follow suit!!!!!!

Viva Le France!!!

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