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Danny has spent over 5 consecutive years working around the clock to expose all aspects of the deep states plans (our governments handlers) through researching, investigative journalism and citizens reporting all the whilst doing what he can to safeguard our childrens futures by
raising and discussing ominous issues and concerning activities that are affecting Ireland today.

Danny Boy lays it all on the line daily to ensure that enough of the masses are informed to the true ‘going ons’ of the world and other current world affairs so that we can then do what is needed to protect our freedoms and democracies which the ‘powers that be’ are trying to take away from us under the guise of fake “Emergency Laws” and “Sustainability Goals”/Hoaxes.

In doing so Danny has become subjected to severe scrutiny daily /weekly and has been targetted, gang stalked, slandered, abused, threatened, research discredited, radiculised, a victim of character assassination, even death threats.

Exposing corruption will always comes at a high cost however the cost of “doing what i do” is dearer in more ways than one ! ! !

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Go raibh maith agat a chairde

~Danny Boy Limerick

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